We're nuts for butternuts

My absolute favorite local food collaboration/synergistic endeavor took place this past week!  Ann Arbor Seed Co. showed up at the kitchen with nearly 500 lbs of organically grown, perfect and beautiful butternut squash that they grew and then selected in order to harvest the seeds.  So what’s supposed to happen to the rest of the squash?  Locavorious preserves it, of course.


Eric and Stacy from Ann Arbor Seed Company worked with us in the kitchen at the start of the day to wash all that squash, and then slice off the bell-shaped end.  More than 250 pounds worth of necks stayed with Locavorious and the bells full of seeds went home to Ann Arbor Seed Company.

We slow roasted about half of those butternut pieces and then blended the roasted squash into a creamy puree.  The blending process was made possible by another local food business, as Harvest Kitchen graciously loaned us their gi-normous stick blender, which you really need to puree all that squash.  The Locavorious kitchen crew preserved the rest of the butternut necks by cutting them into cubes, blanching, icing, and then flash freezing them.

This winter every CSA member will receive at least one pint of organic roasted butternut or squash puree, and our Vega-vore CSA members will also receive at least one pound of butternut cubes. Both of these methods of preserving hard squash or pumpkin give you recipe-ready, easy-to-use delicious local food in the winter months.  Ann Arbor Seed Company and Locavorious were determined that all that delicious squash will be enjoyed.

Happy seed saving Ann Arbor Seed Co!


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