Recipe contest update

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed their recipes with delicious locally grown ingredients!  At this time we would like to announce the finalists. After receiving the recipe submissions we had the Locavorious kitchen crew read and vote on the recipes that they would like to taste; these recipes are now our finalists:

  • Porthole Peach Whiskey Smash from Ruth W.  Nearly all locally grown or brewed ingredients!
  • Spicy Garden Veggie Pizza from Maryam K.  A spicy treat using 13(!) veggies from her garden.
  • Green Squares from Becky M.  With greens, eggs, milk and cheese, this recipe can be nearly all locally sourced too.
  • Washtenaw Rarebit from Jim W.  Truly a local veggie fiesta on toast.
  • Butternut Farm Salad from Ashley C.  Sweet and spicy, local and unique!
  • Blueberry Oatmeal Bars from Kay C.  What’s not to like?

Next, we’ve been taking turns preparing the recipes for each other to taste. Recipes are being evaluated on originality, amount of local ingredients and tastiness. We’ve almost finished the process of evaluating the finalists’ recipes, except the team keeps saying they need to try that Porthole Peach Whiskey Smash one more time.

Stay tuned….

Drinks or dessert?  Peach whiskey smash and blueberry oatmeal bars:

Recipe contest whiskey smash web  Blueberry oatmeal bars web

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