Food, Land, and Justice Symposium

On Sunday, March 23, from 2 -5 pm come to a thought-provoking event looking at food, land and justice issues discussed in ancient and biblical texts and still relevant today.  The Food, Land and Justice Symposium will take place at the Jewish Community Center of Ann Arbor located at 2939 Birch Hollow Drive, Ann Arbor, MI 48108.

Dr. Oran Hesterman, President and CEO of Fair Food Network, will be the keynote speaker for a community symposium focusing on food, land and justice issues. This symposium will explore how ancient agricultural traditions of “Sh’mita” or Sabbath year around food and land are relevant to us today.  In his presentation, “Fair Food: A Jewish Perspective,” Dr. Hesterman will speak about the basic principles of a fair food system and how we can transform our food system through direct action and policy change. Six breakout sessions featuring leaders from the community in the areas of food, land, and sustainability will follow the keynote at 3:30 pm providing us an opportunity to dig deeper into this rich material. These sessions are:  Food Production; Food Distribution; Global and Domestic Fair Trade; Public Health and Policy; Regional Land Use and Conservation; Jewish Text Study.

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