February share pick-up Saturday!

Valentine’s Day is coming – what does your heart desire this month?  Healthy whole tomatoes?  Decadent raspberry desserts?    Whether your heart wants a warm-your-core dinner or a Valentine treat, we’ve got you covered.  

Ann Arbor Farmers Market members can get their share on Saturday, February 11, 8 am – 1:30 pm. 

February’s share of locally grown frozen food will keep hearts healthy and happy:  more blueberries, peaches, and sweet corn, plus cauliflower, green beans, raspberries, and whole tomatoes. 

Yes, frozen whole tomatoes!  Frozen whole tomatoes are real “cooks’ helpers” for those hearty, cold-weather recipes that call for 1or 2 fresh chopped tomatoes.   You can also use them anytime a recipe calls for canned tomatoes.  These whole Romas and San Marzanos, sauce-type tomatoes favored by chefs, will provide great local flavor in the middle of winter.  Our tomatoes come from several small organic farms – Green Things, Living Stones, Tantre, Zilke, Dragonwood, and Capella, as well as some from larger family farms – the Goetz’s and the Ruhlig’s. 

Frozen whole tomatoes are quite versatile – you can use them directly from the freezer, or partially thaw for easy chopping, or thaw completely and drain.  They are easy to peel:  run them under hot water, or defrost them slightly in the microwave (e.g. 2-3 mins), or leave them to thaw for ~ 1 hour at room temperature, and the skins will peel right off.   Short on time for the soup?  Forget thawing and peeling, just toss them frozen & whole into the pot.  For baked dishes or a fresh salsa, squeeze partially thawed tomatoes a bit.  Yes, a new recommendation from the Locavorious test kitchen; you can thaw, peel, squeeze, and make local fresh salsa in the winter!  You won’t find flavor like these tomatoes have in a grocery store this time of the year.


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