Preserving from an exciting new home

We’re delighted to announce that we’re now working out of the Washtenaw Food Hub!

What is the Washtenaw Food Hub? Located just 3 miles north of downtown Ann Arbor, think of it as a single spot where many different pieces of the local food puzzle come together.

For Locavorious, that means the Hub is a place we rent commercially licensed kitchen space to wash, chop, blanch, and freeze all your delicious fruits and veggies.

But to think of the Hub as a place where food is processed is kind of like thinking of an airport as somewhere airplanes are fixed. There’s much more to the story.

Tantre Farm uses the Hub as an extension of the farm, and a summertime CSA pick up spot.  The Brinery calls the Hub home, and prepares and ferments locally grown vegetables there, preserving local food in that ancient way. And Starr Valley Farms has begun installing a vermi-composting system that will turn kitchen waste into soil-building, nutrient-rich worm castings.  Tantre Farm, MSU Extension, Tilian Farm Development Center and U of M have been using the farm for workshops for growers, gardeners and students of sustainable food systems.

While it’s early days at the Washtenaw Food Hub, the possibility it holds for promoting local food is great. It will work to create new income channels for farmers and food producers, like Locavorious. It will foster a community of triple bottom line businesses. It will serve as a place where chefs and other large-scale buyers can access local food year-round. It will house educational programs and demonstrations for community members. And through all of this, it will stimulate job growth.

In short, the Hub will become a place where all aspects of our local food system can grow and prosper, and Locavorious is thrilled to be part of it.

– Maggie Cease, Local food system solutionary, Fulbright Scholar, and Locavorious writer

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