January share distribution time!

Pressing January questions: How long should I keep wishing everyone a “Happy New Year?”  Am I the only person who during the entire month fails to write the new year correctly? 2016! Why don’t we eat peppermint bark year-round? How can I get out of the holiday feasting mentality and back to healthy fruit and vegetable routines?

If you are ready to eat more fruits and vegetables, and cook some meals at home, January’s delicious frozen fruits and veggies are the answer.  Recipe-ready ingredients for both healthy and hearty winter eating: blueberries, strawberries, organic tart cherries, shelled edamame, summer squash medley, carrots (new this year!) and sweet corn.

January share pick-ups are as follows: 

  • Harvest Kitchen – Tuesday, January 12, 4 pm – 7 pm.
  • Ann Arbor Farmers Market – Saturday, January 16, 8 am – 1:30 pm.
  • Washtenaw Food Hub – Begins Monday, January 18 after 2 pm.  (Come anytime facility is open.)
  • Morgan & York – Begins Monday, January 18 after 3 pm. (Come anytime store is open.)

FAQ: Why does Locavorious freeze summer squash and zucchini? As every gardener and neighbor of a gardener knows, zucchini is the vegetable of sometimes comical abundance.  So, perhaps in the summer, folks get a little tired of it. But come winter, when trucked-in and flown-in zucchini feels and tastes like rubber, locally grown frozen still has the flavor and aroma of summer.  We freeze summer squashes because they are easily grown organically in Michigan, plentiful in the peak of the harvest, and hence lower in cost in the summer, freeze well with a standard blanching process, and although they do not have the crisp texture of fresh summer squash, they taste great when prepared in hearty, wintery recipes like soups, chili, stews, pasta dishes or au gratin!

PS – Morgan & York has started using Locavorious frozen zucchini in their soup this winter. Hope you’ll give it a try!  Big bags of locally grown, organic summer squash for M&Y:

Zukes - catering bags


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