Brookside blueberries – organic in the true sense of the word!

Thank you Carol Brooks, of Brookside Farm in Palmyra, Michigan, for bringing truly organic, truly wonderful blueberries to the Ann Arbor Farmers Market year after year!  As of last week, Locavorious has preserved over 160 quarts of Carol’s organic blueberries for winter. If you frequent the Ann Arbor Farmers Market, especially with youngsters or those young at heart, you will surely recognize Carol as the snow cone & kettle corn lady.  She also prominently advertises her “No Spray” blueberries this time of the year. 

Carol has been farming for over 70 years, and she says her business partner Richard Schaedler has been farming for 85 or 90 years.  Carol planted the Brookside blueberry patch 25 years ago, and in all that time she has not sprayed any pesticides or used any fertilizers on the field and surrounding lands.   If you catch her at the market on a quiet day, check out her photos of her lovely truly organic blueberry farm. 

Carol, sporting a lovely blueberry apron, smiles with Jeanine Palms of Blossom Pre-school

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