Morgan & York pick-up begins Monday, Dec 10 at 3 pm

The December share pick-up at Morgan & York kicks off Monday, December 10 at 3 pm.

Morgan & York, located at 1928 Packard, is open Mon-Sat 7:30 am -9 pm, and 12-6 pm on Sundays.  You can come anytime this week that the store is open to get your share.   Ask the staff at the coffee or deli counter for your Locavorious share, and initial by your name on the Locavorious clipboard at the coffee register.   There is convenient parking behind the building, accessible by turning off Packard onto either Jorn Ct or Coler Rd; there is a back door to M&Y that brings you in right by the deli, coffee and cold local beer.    Please consider bringing a small cooler or insulated food bag so that all your produce stays frozen, especially if you are not heading home right after picking up your share.

The first share includes foods to remind us of spring:  asparagus, sugar snap peas, strawberries and rhubarb; it also includes festive meal favorites like sweet corn, blueberries, and organic tart cherries from up north.  Yes, you read that correctly, frozen organic tart cherries from North Star Organics are in the share!  The share also includes a handout with ideas, tips and recipes for using your locally grown frozen produce.  Enjoy the sweet local flavors in your holiday cooking; try double cherry sauce over roast duck, with sides of asparagus risotto and sweet corn pudding.   Mmmmm!



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