A Midwinter Morning's Dream Share - from Tantre & friends!

Here’s the word from Tantre Organic Farm:

As the gray days of winter gradually lengthen and the cold slowly sinks into the earth, we find ourselves spending many joyful moments in the warmth of our hillside root cellar, which is stacked to the ceiling with crates of cabbage, rutabaga, potatoes, watermelon radish, daikon radish, white turnips, garlic, winter squash (kabocha, sweet dumpling, & buttercup), purple and orange carrots.  It is from this abundant nutritious treasure that we find our inspiration to dream a midwinter dream of sustenance and local sustainability.

We would like to offer you the warmth and sustenance of our new, Shakespeare-inspired, “Midwinter Morning’s Dream Share” available for a one-time pick up on Saturday, February 14, at the Washtenaw Food Hub from 9 AM – noon or Tantre Farm from 2 – 5 PM for $85. Registration is open now and will close by midnight on Tues. Feb 10, so we have time to assemble your share for Feb. 14.

We are excited to be combining our efforts with several local food artisans and farmers again to further strengthen our vision with the power of local networking through our new “Dream Share”. Besides some combination of Tantre Farm’s root cellar vegetables (cabbage, rutabaga, potatoes, watermelon radish, daikon radish, white turnips, garlic, winter squash, carrots), this share will feature 1 loaf of Dan’s potato-rosemary bread (24 oz.), 1 pint of Byesar white bean dip from El Harrisa Market Cafe, 1 quart of Hot and Sour Cabbage soup from Juicy Kitchen, and a bag of frozen blueberries from Locavorious. We also will feature a jar of the Brinery’s Tantre sauerkraut and a new shredded root cellar salad, as well as a bag of tender, organic microgreens from Garden Works.

Please feel free to sign up with online registration on our website (www.tantrefarm.com) or through this direct link to http://tantrefarm.csasignup.com.  If you need any help with online registration, please let Tantre Farm know, and they can always sign you up. It is not the midsummer time of a “Midsummer Night’s Dream”, but it is definitely “midwinter”, and we thought you might enjoy a “Shakespeare-inspired” Dream Share to shake away the winter doldrums.  Please try it!


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